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The College Register

A consortium of four-year colleges and universities that partner with NHI towards the creation of dynamic and engaged Latino leaders in their local, regional, and national communities.

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NHI was founded…

…So that we may think and ask ourselves the questions for which there may be more than simple answers, and then maybe none at all except to continue thinking of endless possibilities.

…So that we may honestly look at ourselves with deep, introspective curiosity, unafraid to confront the most unbearable of truths that potentially face us.

…So that we may see ourselves succeed and be willing to pay the price of excellence in our constant quest for knowledge.

…So that we may work alongside those who care for others and make the challenge of changing lives a sacred calling.

…So that when the end comes, we can confidently look back and say that we lived life not just for us, but also for the betterment of others.

To those beliefs and core values, we introduce you to the work and purpose of the National Hispanic Institute.

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